About V-Technology

V-Technology is the company which develops and provides indispensable production system with FPD, Flat Panel Display, industry.
At the same time, we are aiming to expand our areas of business by means of the core technology we have developed so far, as well as through new innovations.

Contribution to FPD evolution


In 1997, when the company was founded, televisions were mostly made using heavy, bulky CRT, Cathode Ray Tubes. In recent years, the word television has become associated with FPD, Flat Panel Display, sets. FPD includes LCD, Liquid Crystal Display, and PDP, Plasma Display Panel, as well as OLED, Organic light emitting display. In addition to televisions, FPDs are widely used in personal computers, mobile telephones, and portable game players, making our lives more convenient and enjoyable. Now FPDs have attracted further attention through their use in smart phones and other devices that require high picture quality, and they are continuing to evolve. V-Technology always developed production system which could solve customer’s panel production issues when new FPD applications were developed.


A device manufacturer focus on FPD, solar panel and LED industry

At V-Technology, we provide production system for FPD industry and make full use of our core technology to provide our customers, who are panel makers in a timely manner, with products that meet their needs. We achieve this through advances in proprietary technology development, fabless manufacturing, and unique supply chain. Our products have achieved the top share in the world in repair system that contributes to increased productivity, reduced cost, and enhanced picture quality in LCD, Liquid Crystal Display production, and in exposure systems that contribute to improved image quality and reduced power consumption in LCDs. (Findings from a study by V-Technology as of September 2011.)
Although most people will never see FPD production lines, our system is helping to support areas of everyone's daily life.


Meanwhile, the core technologies we have developed in devices for the FPD industry are expected to apply to new devices for other industries, such as solar cell and LED areas, and OLED areas. Furthermore, we invest in R&D resources to create new innovations which meet our customer's requirements in those industries.