Message from president


Shigeto Sugimoto : President

Since its establishment, with a vision to create innovation and contribute to the society, V-Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing products that meet our customers' needs. We also have learned that it is very important for each one of our employees to have passion for their work in order for us to continue our business in a constantly changing environment.

To this day we have supplied a substantial amount of innovative equipment that contributes to the production of flat panel displays (FPD) such as smartphones and flat panel (or LCD) televisions. Aiming to expand the scale and scope of our business further in the future, we are not only going to integrate our technology, expertise, network, and new technology in FPD to address the challenges that our customers have, but also provide innovative solutions to add value for the customers. Specifically, the organic EL (OLED) display that's expected to be the next-generation high definition TV(*1), and environment/energy-related products such as solar cells, and LED manufacturing equipment.

We hope you will expect more from us in the future, and we highly appreciate your continued support as well as cooperation.

*1 Smartphone, tablet and TV, as well as

Shigeto Sugimoto