Vision and philosophy

V-Technology contributes to the creation of a prosperous society by providing innovative solutions. Our goal is also to be a corporation that customers and other stakeholders are able to trust.

Management philosophy

A zest for innovation, contributing to society.

■About management philosophy

Our goal is to achieve the world's greatest innovations in order to create a more prosperous society, beyond the existing products and technology. We will pursue challenges with all our strength, not fearing change, with grand vision and passion to achieve that. Our desires and hopes are contained in Management philosophy. Under that philosophy, beyond existing concepts, we are dealing appropriately with changes and endeavor to contribute to society.

Guidelines for employee behavior

  • 1. Work with challenge sprits.
  • 2. Work with good faith.
  • 3. Do your best.

■About guidelines for employee behavior

We have formulated new guidelines for employee behavior in order to promote operations in accordance with guidelines for company behavior when conducting business based upon management policy. We will make these guidelines known widely and thoroughly on an everyday basis among directors, executive officers, employees, contract employees, temporary employees, and other members of this company and its subsidiaries. We will engage in our operations in accordance with this spirit and will fulfill the company's social responsibility by means of our operations.

Company slogan

Let time witness innovations wilder than imagination.

■About our company slogan

We created this slogan in order to convey our thoughts and intentions to the company's customers and other stakeholders.Ever since the founding of the company, we have been uncompromisingly committed to "making a contribution to our customers and society by fostering innovation, and working with everyone to open the way to a prosperous future together through innovation." That commitment is embodied in the words of our slogan.