Message from administration department

Company introduction

An innovators' group with high aspirations and passionate enthusiasm

Ever since our founding, it has been our goal to foster innovation, and by so doing, contribute to society, and we have tried accordingly to increase the satisfaction of our customers and provide them with more value.

The main supporting element in our current business system is the development, manufacture, marketing, and service of exposure systems and inspection systems (inspection devices, repair devices, length measuring devices, and observation devices). These devices are related to the manufacture of flat panel displays (FPD), which are used in smart phones, flat panel televisions, and other such products. Going forward, however, we aim to take further major steps and increase the scale of our business, expanding our business areas by advancing actively into electroluminescent displays using organic light emitting diodes (OLED), solar cells, and other such environmental and energy-related markets. The liquid crystal panel manufacturers that are currently our customers are concentrated in East Asia (South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Japan), and they are expected to shift further overseas in the future. Our business activities must undergo further globalization in line with that shift.

Situated within this environment of drastic change, our company will continue to take on the challenges of new technologies and new fields, acting as an innovator always at the leading edge.

Head Office

An image of the personnel we seek

Our company primarily hires technical personnel (electrical and electronics, mechanical, physics, information systems, and other such specialties). However, we welcome applications from people who agree with our company's management philosophy or policies, people who have a sense of purpose and are able to govern themselves, people who want to take on the challenges of self-realization and social contribution in the midst of global business development, and people who think they fit even one of the images of personnel we want.

  • 1.People with passionate enthusiasm and spirit
  • People with boundless enthusiasm and the strength of will to carry things through to the end without fail
  • 2. People willing to take on challenges
  • People who are able to deal with anything that happens with an optimistic outlook and without fear of failure
  • 3.People with flexibility and adaptability capable of dealing with change
  • People who can think and respond for themselves with flexible creative power even in an environment of drastic change
An Image of the Personnel We Seek

In Conclusion

The prosperity of this company stems from the enthusiasm of every individual employee for his or her work and from their growth as individuals. In closing, let me say that I am looking forward to the day when I can meet with even more people of boundless possibilities.