Equipment for FPD

We deliver the latest manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment to domestic and foreign customers, contributing to the evolution of FPD (Flat Panel Display). We also deal in manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment that is essential for the manufacture of photomasks for FPD.

Manufacturing Equipment

We provide world-class manufacturing solutions that combine unique technologies in our latest FPD manufacturing line. We deliver to our customers' various manufacturing solutions such as exposure equipment for a large-sized glass substrate, which accounts for the top share, and photo-alignment exposure equipment, which contributes to the power saving of FPD.

Inspection Equipment

Inspection equipment for FPD is an indispensable device for shortening the work period from the establishment of a new plant to the start of mass production, and it is essential equipment for stabilizing the production yield after the beginning of the mass production. Our inspection equipment consists of core technologies for the main processes of FPD production, and we utilize those technologies in three fields, including inspection, repair, and measurement.

Photomask Equipment

Our photomask equipment creates a minute pattern on the entire area of the photomask for FPD up to 1.8 x 2 m with a position accuracy of nm. For this reason, the manufacturing of photomasks requires measurement accuracy and defect inspection sensitivity that are orders of magnitude different from those of FPD manufacturing. We combine the technologies cultivated in FPD manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment with unique ideas to deliver inspection equipment that exceeds customer’s expectations.


In addition to providing product maintenance and inspection service and maintenance parts, we also offer equipment upgrade services that support the latest FPD production.