We have been continuing various challenges to start up a business similar to the FPD equipment business and realize business diversification, one of our projects is the parts and materials business that are essential for manufacturing devices such as FPDs.


As the first phase in the parts business, we are currently working on the launch of the deposition mask business for OLEDs.

Deposition Mask Business

The deposition mask is a mask that forms an organic material on a TFT substrate and is one of the essential components for OLED manufacturing. Therefore, the market for the deposition mask for OLEDs is expected to grow in the medium to long term.


We have been conducting research and development for our proprietary deposition mask (Fine Hybrid Mask, FHM) since 2012, and then we have established VET in Yonezawa city, Yamagata prefecture for the manufacture and development of FHM in December 2017. Our group has made a capital investment of approximately JPY 5 billion and is planning to start mass production in 2019 with the support of Yamagata Prefecture and Yonezawa city.

About FHM(Fine Hybrid Mask)

Fine Hybrid Mask is the next generation deposition mask suitable for OLED manufacturing, achieving lightness and thinness while maintaining strength with the hybrid structure using metal and resin.

Photograph of FHM appearance
Photograph of FHM appearance

Overview of VET Co., Ltd.

Company name: 

VET Co., Ltd.

Established date:


Head office:

Yokohama Business Park (YBP) East Tower 9F, 134 Godo-Cho, Hodogaya-Ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa 240-0005, JAPAN


2837-9, Yahatabara 4Cho-me, Yonezawa City


JPY 490 Million Yen


Kazuya Shiojiri


Office and Factory in Yonezawa
Office and Factory in Yonezawa