We offer top-of-the-line opto-mechatronics products and deliver a range of equipment to meet your manufacturing and inspection needs for photomasks.

Visual Inspection Equipment "Gemini"

“Gemini” provides high-speed and high-accuracy appearance inspection that meets the requirements of 8K displays and photomasks for small and medium-sized organic EL displays with V-Technology's proprietary mechatronics and a unique image processing engine equipped with various inspection logic.

Defect Correction Equipment "Sculptor"

“Sculptor” is a defect correction equipment specialized for defect correction of photomasks for FPDs. Correction of open defects (pattern missing or falling out) is possible by gas window laser CVD. Besides, it is equipped with a laser-optimized for short defect correction, enabling high-quality defect correction. It also supports defect correction for photomasks with halftone patterns.

Coordinate Position Measurement Equipment "Mercury SHR"

"Mercury SHR" is a coordinate position measurement equipment for photomask that achieves the world's highest class of measurement accuracy.


We have achieved the world's highest level of measurement accuracy with our proprietary opto-mechatronics technology.


Also, with original measurement software and a reference mask, error factors are completely corrected to construct an ideal grid coordinate system, achieving excellent measurement accuracy and repeatability.