With the advent of 5G and the advancement of IoT, FPD (Flat Panel Displays) is expected to develop as various types of panels in the future. We deliver various manufacturing equipment that brings together the best of opto-mechatronics to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment "Capricorn"

"Capricorn" is the automatic optical inspection equipment for FPD manufacturing processes. Defect information (position, presence, shape, and OK or NG) is instantly output from image information captured by a specialized line CCD camera.

Repair Equipment

Color Filer Repair Equipment "Jupiter"

"Jupiter" corrects defects that occur on CF substrates and repairs the various defects such as protruding defects and chipping of pixels and wiring patterns at the time of the film formation.

TFT Repair Equipment "Taurus"

"Taurus" supports open defect repair of metal wiring with its own laser CVD and ink dispenser and high-precision, low-damage correction is also possible with high-performance lasers.

Precise Coordinate Measurement Equipment "Mercury"/"Venus"

Total Pitch Measurement Equipment "Mercury"

"Mercury" is the total pitch measurement equipment that measures various substrates up to 3m x 3.4m with submicron accuracy.

Critical Dimension Measurement Equipment "Venus"

"Venus" is the critical dimension measurement equipment that is specialized for measuring the dimensions of micro-pixel patterns of about several μm and required when manufacturing high-resolution OLEDs for such as smartphones.