With the advent of 5G and the advancement of IoT, FPD (Flat Panel Display) is expected to develop as various types of panels in the future. We deliver various manufacturing equipment that brings together the best of opto-mechatronics to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Large Glass Substrate Exposure Equipment "RZ"

"RZ" is the exposure equipment that forms the core of the color filter (CF) process that is important in the FPD (Flat Panel Display) production. It has the world's top market share as a proximity type exposure equipment compatible with large screen FPDs.

Roll to Roll Exposure Equipment "DZ"

"DZ" is the contact exposure equipment optimized for exposures such as deposition masks for OLEDs. It supports exposure by vertical conveyance and horizontal conveyance, and there is also a single-wafer type model. We respond finely to your needs with our equipment.

Photo Alignment Film Exposure Equipment "AEGIS"

The alignment film is a functional polymer film that aligns liquid crystal molecules in the display unidirectional. "AEGIS" forms an alignment film in a non-contact manner using a special ultraviolet light and a photomask. It corresponds to the glass substrate of G10.5 size.