Our CSR Policy

We pursue to develop and create solutions with high customer satisfaction continually and build strong relationships of trust with customers to increase corporate value. We aim to meet the expectations of our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, local communities, employees, and business partners.

Also, we are working on CSR from three perspectives of management, social activities and environmental activities to fulfill our social responsibility further based on the management philosophy, the Corporate Action Guidelines, and the Employee Action Guidelines.


1. Corporate Governance

Please refer to the page of Corporate Governance


2. Corporate Action Guidelines

We fully recognize corporate social responsibility, comply with laws and regulations as a company trusted by society, and strive to contribute to the community through fair, honest, and ambitious corporate activities.


1) We comply with domestic and international laws and regulations, conduct fair and honest corporate activities, recognize the public mission as a member of society, and aim for a company trusted by the community.


2) We are not involved in any illegal acts or anti-social acts and have no relationship with anti-social forces but act sensibly and take a resolute attitude.


3) We value relationships with our stakeholders and strive to maintain and develop appropriate and friendly relations.


4) We actively disclose timely and appropriate our management information and strive for highly transparent management to society.


5) We aim to strengthen our technology development capabilities and strive to develop products that satisfy our customers.


6) We strive to conserve and protect the environment in all corporate activities.


7) We strive to maintain, improve product quality, and also ensure product safety.


8) We make continuous efforts to keep confidential information. We strive to protect and utilize intellectual property rights and also respect the intellectual property of others.


9) We respect the human rights of people involved in our company and strive to maintain a comfortable, safe, and bright working environment. Also, we protect personal information and manage it appropriately.


10) We strive to improve our corporate culture to make this basic CSR policy known to our executives and employees.

3. Employee Action Guidelines
We have enacted Employee Action Guidelines based on the Corporate Action Guidelines for the business promotion of each executive and employee.


1) Have I lacked in spiritual vigor?

2) Have I been responsible for my speech and behavior?

3) Have I committed myself to work with zeal and effort?

4. Risk Management

We have enacted basic guidelines on crisis management and risk management. We will take measures by setting up a reporting system or emergency response headquarters and another approach. On top of that, we disclose relevant information appropriately based on laws and regulations.

Social Activities

1. Respect for Human Rights

We respect the different values, personalities, and privacy of individuals. We do not admit any acts of ignoring characters such as race, religion, gender, nationality, psychosomatic disorder, age, sexually oriented discriminatory speech or violence, sexual harassment, or power harassment.


2. Community Contribution Activities

We support the youth of the next generation by sponsoring various activities. We contribute to the development of the local community through these sponsorships.


1) Participation in Coral 
We conduct experiments and lectures on laser technology for graduate students at “Consortium on Education and Research on Advanced Laser Science” (Coral) annually.


2) Sponsorship for All Japan Judo Federation

We sponsor the “All Japan Judo Federation” to support youth development activities in the local community.

3. Fair Disclosure

We value relationships with our stakeholders and strive to maintain and develop appropriate and friendly relations. Additionally, we strive to improve the transparency of corporate information to our shareholders, investors, and stakeholders in a fair and timely manner based on laws and regulations.


4. Export Control

Based on our Security Export Controls Guidelines, laws, and regulations, we implement Security Export Controls aimed adequately at maintaining international peace and security.


5. Fair Trades

We respect free competition in the market and conduct fair and equal trades with our customers and suppliers.


6. Quality and Safety

We provide high-quality products with excellent performance based on Quality and Safety Control Guidelines that comply with national safety standards.

Environmental Activities

We comply with environmental laws and regulations of each country, and we consider the environment in manufacturing activities. At the same time, we strive to provide environmentally conscious products.


1) We contribute to the reduction of environmental impact by providing equipment that improves customer production efficiency and reduces the consumption of electricity and other resources.


2) We promote our business with our respect for environmental laws and guidelines.