Maintenance Service

Requirements for equipment are increasing day by day with the evolution of flat panel display (FPD) technology and changes in the business environment.


Our engineers who are familiar with our old and new equipment respond smoothly to different kinds of requests such as various modifications for advanced FPDs, and equipment relocation to rearrange production processes, over and above the maintenance, inspection, and troubleshooting services.


We have also established a supply system of genuine parts to support the stable operation of equipment operated in the world.

High-Tech Staffing Service

We have established "V-Technology Shanghai Human Resource Management Co., Ltd." (VSHC)in Shanghai, and we are developing an experienced engineer dispatching business utilizing the unique network we have cultivated in the FPD industry.


Our experienced engineers at VSHC specialize in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Many of them can speak Japanese, English,  
Korean aside from Chinese. We confidently dispatch an engineer who can be an immediate force to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Salvage Service

Improving the yield of small and medium OLED is a common issue in the industry. We will launch the "Salvage service" starting from 2019 which fixes the mura panel defectives and improves the yield of module processes in a short period, and this does not require customers to invest in equipment.


This service can be used as a short-term, pay-per-use service whenever customers need it, and it does not require funds for equipment or time for inspection line setup. It is expected to be a highly convenient service that can exert when its yield deteriorates suddenly.